SatsiSonik has been a musician since 1988 and moved to the Bay Area in 1995 in pursuit of his musical dreams. There he discovered a deep love of dance music. In 1997 the people of Dimension 7, San Francisco’s pioneering VJ collective, recognized his talent and quickly brought him on board. SatsiSonik quickly made a name for himself, performing at a multitude of venues, ranging from the extreme conditions of Burning Man to the pumping sounds of the SF Underground and beyond. He has since established himself as one of the most prolific VJ’s on the West Coast and has performed with many local and international artists, including, but not limited to Bassnectar, Shpongle, Freq Nasty, Doc Martin, The Glitch Mob, Bookashade, and the Stanton Warriors. SatsiSonik has held down many VJ residencies with the likes of Wicked, Symbiosis, and Raindance. He currently holds a residency with Lucidity Festivals.

After leaving Dimension 7 in 2000, SatsiSonik began to evolve as a DJ, having started spinning vinyl in 1998. Always in the search of those perfect beats, he moved from a sound largely influenced by the thriving SF house scene to dirty nu skool breaks brought over from the UK. In 2007, SatsiSonik was one of the pioneers of the Stimulus parties, showing San Francisco that 4 on the floor can hit just as hard as a breakbeat. As a resident of Stimulus, SatsiSonik fell back in love with the 4 on the floor persuasions of tech house, techno, and minimal. He also discovered a love of singing and emceeing. He has since emceed with acts such as the UK psybreaks pioneers, The Lawgiverz and many Bay Area locals, including Majitope, Audiovoid, The Argument, and Little John. He currently finds himself enmeshed in a passionate love affair with liquid drum and bass.

SatsiSonik now focuses more on producing his own music and incorporating that into his DJ sets. His music has a flavor all its own, once described as “electro breakno”, a sound that encompasses the broad range of dance music that has influenced him over the last decade. Along with being a singer, he is also an avid guitar player. After closing the doors on his longtime multimedia collective AMMO-Advanced MultiMedia Operatives, SatsiSonik moved onto working on a new VJ project dubbed SonikGallixsee, which is a collaboration with his lovely partner, Alli Gallixsee. SatsiSonik’s vision is best described as Synchology; a synesthesia between light and sound.

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